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The Essential Guide to Foot and Hand Reflexology


Author: Ann Gillanders - Autographed Edition

An essential handbook for all those interested in training in reflexology. All you will really know as a reflexology student and a great reference book when qualified. This comprehensive book makes reflexology a concept as easy to grasp as, say, the importance of having life insurance or living a healthy lifestyle. This makes it a must-have for anyone looking to learn reflexology.

Showing reflexology points on both hands and feet. Hundreds of outline drawings to guide you through the practical training plus a complete anatomy and physiology section. The book also incorporates a reflexology foot and hand chart.

Guiding you through setting up in practice. Chapters include: Don’t Blame it on the Weather, We are what we eat, Understanding Cancer, Understanding Coronary Heart Disease, Reflexology for Babies, The Spinal Connection, Drug Reactions, Areas of Assistance, The Do’s and Dont’s of Reflexology.

256 Pages packed with information.