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No Mean Feat – The Autobiography of Ann Gillanders


Author: Ann Gillanders - Autographed Edition

Ann is the founder of the British School of Reflexology, one of the foremost pioneers of Reflexology in the United Kingdom in the 1970's who is now a world-wide best selling author, and publisher, of Reflexology and Complementary Therapies books.

"I hope by relating my life's events, I may be able to help others to surmount their own problems. My life's aim has been to prove that a disability is of little consequence when set against the reality of being a person with a character and a mind as unique as any other." - Ann Gillanders

Her steadfast belief in this aim has motivated Ann Gillanders since, as a child of 10, she contracted Polio. Instead of resigning herself to the limitations of life as a dependent, disabled person, she resolved that it would make no difference to what she wanted to do. Along the way there have been frustrations, setbacks, even heartbreak, yet she has emerged as a mature, serene and confident person who can truthfully say that she achieved her ambitions and found true fulfillment and inner peace.