Urinary Tract Infection

Marion came to me with a problem of a return of asthma which she had suffered as a child.   She was now in her late 40’s and apart from being sensitive to pollens and grasses in the summer period which gave her attacks of hay fever, she had not suffered from asthma since a small child.

Her general health had been good apart from an episode of bladder incontinence which resulted from a mild prolapse of the vaginal wall due to the fact that she had given birth to two very large babies, each weighing over 10 lbs.   She had been into Hospital and had a bladder repair (and here the problem began, believe it or not ).  After surgery she suffered from frequent attacks of urinary tract infections which became so troublesome that her GP prescribed a six month low dose course of anti-biotics.

Becoming the detective that one eventually needs to be when treating people over so many years and almost ‘reading into the sequence of their health problem’ I felt that the constant antibiotics had upset the ‘flora’ in the bowel which then went on to disturb the support of immunity which the bacteria and acidophilus in the bowel produce.   This in turn goes on to affect the immune system and then back comes the allergic asthma.

Marion had regular treatments of reflexology for the urinary infections which improved considerably and has so far been able to reduce the antibiotics to one twice a week – the asthma attacks have improved considerably.   She hopes that very soon she will be able to stop the antibiotics altogether and say good-bye to her asthma.