What is the cause of this disabling condition often referred to as ‘ringing in the ears’? The noise can be so loud that it prevents sleep and in many cases patients have been reduced to a severely depressive state because of this illness.

This was the case with Mary who came with symptoms of ringing in the ears which started one morning right out of the blue and apart from a few hours here and there when the condition abated the ringing was continuous.

Mary was in her late thirties so that ruled out poor circulation to the ear which is often the case in elderly patients with this problem. Taking aspirin and beta blockers over a prolonged period can also be the cause.

Therefore if you ever have to treat this condition, look into the medical history of your patients and just see if they are suffering from angina, a heart condition or high blood pressure and are being treated with aspirin or beta blockers. It has been discovered that daily doses of Vitamin E are far superior in the treatment of all vascular disease than aspirin.

If your patient complains of excessive wax in the ears check on whether his or her diet contains a high content of dairy foods such as full fat milk, cheese and chocolates, also shop bought pies and pastries which are high in saturated fats and sugar. Yet a further cause can be a zinc deficiency and sometimes a neck injury can interfere with the lymph nodes which can prevent lymphatic fluid draining properly.

Mary had seen all manner of specialists who had concentrated their findings on something wrong with the ear and that was as far as things went. That she had suffered a neck injury in a car accident a year previously was not recorded.

Mary was amazed when I told her that the problem could be an intolerance to dairy produce and she did confess to a high intake of chocolate particularly pre-menstrually.

Reflexology Treatment

First Appointment
On working through the reflexes on her right foot, when I came to the area at the base of the first three toes which linked to her neck reflexes she cried out as the sensitivity was so acute.

Here I was sure was the problem. Congestion and inflammation in the neck due to poor lymphatic drainage due to the accident.

Second Appointment
Far less sensitivity in the neck reflexes and Mary reported that her neck had felt much freer since the treatment .

Mary had four further treatments and each time the neck reflexes showed less sensitivity. By the sixth treatment the ringing in the ears had stopped and to date and that is one year later Mary is still symptom free and enjoying her life once again.

She did stop the chocolate so maybe that helped but I am confident that the cause of the condition was the neck injury and don’t forget that we always say during our reflexology training “Structure Governs Function.”