The Cancer Epidemic

“Did we have so many cases of cancer years ago, or were they just not found” – I doubt so, because we are causing cancer to develop in lifestyle changes, modern living, and developments in the medical world. Cancer is ‘man-made’ not god- made. We are to-day living a life so detached from the basic laws of life, that it is hardly surprising that our bodies are rebelling.

Have we made so many strides in the treatment of cancer? I really don’t think so, one in three of us will at some time in our lives get cancer and the figures are rising. We are certainly able, with modern technology to find it earlier, but the treatment process, to say the least which is barbaric has not changed. You have the choice of ‘cutting it out’ burning it with radiotherapy, or poisoning it with drugs. We may well tackle the cancerous tumour by removing it but little effort or money is ever put in to the reasons why our immune systems did not come to the rescue and destroy the offending cancer cell.

When patients recover from cancer, while or after receiving orthodox medical therapy, doctors invariably claim that the patient got better because of the therapy they received, and that will undoubtedly be radiotherapy, chemotherapy or surgery, that is all that will be offered and has been offered since the breakthrough in the treatment of cancer in the 1950’s!! Any patient who survives for 5 years is said to have been cured, and Doctors are always quick to claim the credit when they can. However if a patient recovers from unorthodox treatments such as a particular type of diet, relaxation therapies, meditation, Buddhist chanting, herbal therapies and so on, patients are often said to have been misdiagnosed or to have made an ‘unexplained and spontaneous recovery’. Patients who survive for five years after using alternative therapies are said to be merely in remission awaiting a relapse.

What I object to is the hypocrisy of doctors rejecting any anecdotal evidence produced by alternative practitioners. Remember the medical profession is controlled by the drug industry. The logical, scientific approach to any problem is always to tackle the cause rather than constantly treat the symptoms. It’s far better to check out the cause of a leaking roof than to put a bucket underneath to catch the drips.

Our immune system is quite remarkable, it is designed to protect us against hordes of bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi. The immune system’s outer defenses consist of millions of free ranging cells which circulate throughout the entire body 24 hours day until we die, constantly on the lookout for invaders. These cells are distributed throughout the body’s circulatory system and are drawn back to the heart via the lymphatic system, a network of small veins that drain through the neck, groin and under the armpits before emptying back into the bloodstream. If a cell comes across a destructive bug, they return it to the lymph glands and then the white blood cells which defend us from infection, come into action. These immune cells multiply and cause our lymph glands to swell, which then release antibodies to deal with the infection. Most of the time this system works extremely efficiently, – problems arise if our immune system is not working efficiently because it has been overloaded with toxins and stressful unreal environments.

There has been a great increase in environmental pollutants in the last thirty years or so, smoking, viruses (such as HIV) and the growing use of immune-suppressant medications. A decline in our intake of micro-nutrients and a big increase in high fat, high salt and high sugar based foods. There are three major elements that can alter the efficient working of our immune system, nutrition, our psychological and emotional health and the kind of society in which we live.

When I was a child it was quite usual for children to contract childhood illnesses, measles, german measles, chickenpox, mumps, and for a few days you were pretty unwell with a high temperature, no appetite, and general feverish symptoms.  As few mothers worked at that time you were able to rest in bed in a warm temperature given lots of fluids and soon were back to normal.

A fever is a good  response to illness, proves that the immune system is working, the lack of appetite is just great for when the body is in a feverish state all the ‘body power’ is directed at healing the illness, not using up a lot of energy in digesting food. In the 1950’s we did not have the antibiotics that are around to-day so children got feverish colds and bronchitis, so again the immune system, came into play and did its work – today children get antibiotics when they have these type of infections, so again the immune system does not get the chance to show its skills.

I can hear you all saying that these illnesses can be ‘dangerous’ – I was never aware of any child in my School or environment suffering any dangerous effects from these illness, although there were probably the odd one or two who were pretty sick.  I strongly believe that these childhood illnesses were meant to be and that having these conditions ‘fired up’ the immune system to cope with illness. Having these illnesses created a ‘blueprint’ against ever having them again – you certainly do not get lifetime protection from all the immunisations now available.

Unless the immune system gets some training into how to defend the body when viruses/bacteria attack – it will not be so efficient in coping with when say a  cancer cell arises on the scene.  Since these mass immunisations against everything childhood leukaemia has increased manyfold.

I quote some very interesting information in a book written by Dr.Vernon Coleman “How To Stop Your Doctor from Killing You” Well over a century ago a Frenchman called Dr Didot noted that if prostitutes developed syphilis they were very unlikely to develop cancer. Didot actually treated 20 cancer patients with syphilis and 14 out of the 20 went into total remission (I rather doubt if the authorities which happily approve of toxic chemotherapy would allow any one to perform any such experiment today).

What I believe happens is that the patients with cancer who develop an infection get better because their immune systems are triggered into a response.  The infection is easily recognized as an immediate threat to the body (in contrast to cancer which may not be such an immediate obvious threat) and so the body reacts in the only way it knows how – by winding up the immune system, the result is the body power, or your life force comes into operation and the cancer gets defeated along with the infection.
Another pollutant to the immune system is, I believe, mobile phones – nothing and nobody will ever convince me that having radio waves pulsating through your brain frequently does not have an effect on the hormonal system, in particular the pituitary gland which is positioned between the eyes and behind the nose, and is in fact the ‘master’ of the entire hormonal system.

There is then the very efficient and useful microwave, conveniently positioned on the work surfaces in your kitchen, and just at breast level.  Few of us give the microwave time to finish its time, but open the door before the timer has switched off – again a nice wave of microwaves directed at your breast area.