The pattern of our lives is so intricate that even secret thoughts play a vital part in shaping and moulding our future.  If we live in fer of contracting a particular disease it is possible we may attract it.  A deep scientific principle is here involved.  Like attracts like.  Every thought we generate sends out a vibrant force…an electro magnetic impulse. Science has now proved that at the birth of every thought the cells of the brain oscillate with a minute electrical charge, there is an outgoing energy.  I personally feel that it is an energy of love.  This energy may be constructive or destructive according to the will of the thinker.

When this subtle energy flows in line with the spirit of the Creator the result is joy, love and peace.  Violation of this law may spell disease and suffering.  Good health can be very much n attribute of mind.  If we love much, we shall be much loved.

There are days when we need to face the stress of the marked place with calm and courage, so do start the day with some affirmations or read through one of your favourite poems .  Success whether in achieving a business goal or overcoming a chronic illness can be very much an attitude of mind.  When you feel discouraged and most like giving up say to yourself I won’t.  Just tune in your mind to the infinite love of the Universe.