Can you mend a broken heart with reflexology? I wish you could. Sometimes though, we can reduce some of the pain, unfortunately not often enough.

When you are really beautiful, 26, have a fine supportive family, a loving husband and everything to live for one would think that life was still worth living, whatever tragedy prevailed, but not so in the case of Martina.

Martina had met her husband whilst on holiday in England. Swiss by birth she chose to leave her native country and settle in England. They had been married just three years when their first planned pregnancy was confirmed much to the delight of them both.

Emma was born, a duplicate of her mother, a child who had an almost ethereal look with her enormous blue eyes, long blond hair and a very heart warming smile. When she was just four she suddenly became very ill, lost a lot of weight, suffered from constant infections and was totally lacking in energy. A blood test revealed all, little Emma had leukaemia and despite all the conventional treatments she died just six months later.

Martina contacted me shortly after Emma’s death. I think she felt that Reflexology could somehow help heal her mind and reduce some of the agonizing emotional pain that she was suffering, Try as she did Martina could not accept the loss of her little angel and spent every day sitting by the graveside talking to her child. She sat there whatever the weather, in pouring rain or extreme heat, she seemed to have lost all sense of feeling and sensation.

Her husband rang me to say how desperate he was to do anything to help his wife find some reason to continue living. He had tried everything and so had the doctors.

Martina’s feet revealed no sensitivity they were insensitive and non-reactive which really expressed how she was. I continued with the weekly treatments. Her husband always brought her to me and collected her an hour later, but absolutely no improvement in her mental state occurred.

She was still coming to me for treatment five months later. Maybe the one-to-one communication helped; the physical contact may have been of benefit too, I just don’t know. Just one year after the death of Emma, Martina started showing symptoms of illness, a drastic weight loss, exhaustion and raised glands around her neck armpits and groin.

Her feet which previously had shown no reaction whatsoever, showed extreme sensitivity in these main lymphatic areas. Blood tests revealed too that she had leukaemia and six months later she died which was exactly what she wanted.

Life without her little girl was just not worth living. Her mental state had created the disease and her wish had been granted.

A tragic story and one I shall never forget, but a very powerful lesson in just how the mind can control the body, and that we are all a complex interaction of body mind and spirit, and all these three aspects have to be in balance for the body to heal itself.

I am sure that if we concentrated our thoughts long enough we could die of septic finger!!