Laryngitis is an acute infectious illness of the larynx which often spreads to other parts of the throat and sometimes the ear.  The infection causes hoarseness, swelling and pain in the throat and often results in a complete loss of voice.

Simon was  dental surgeon who, for the last two and a half years had repeated episodes of laryngitis which often lasted for several weeks.  He said he had suffered many throat infections as a child.  There was no real pattern to these attacks apart from the fact that his voice was reasonably normal, although a little husky in the mornings and became increasingly huskier and weaker as the day progressed.

He was a very conscientious man, a perfectionist in his work and had worked very hard to build up his successful practice.
He had gone through the usual routine examinations with an ear, nose and throat specialist but nothing abnormal had been discovered.

The course of antibiotics which he had resorted to in a desperate attempt to improve his condition gave him very little relief.  His doctor had referred him for allergy testing wondering if there was something he was using in his work that was affecting his throat, particularly in view of the fact that the condition improved once he was away from his practice.  The only time his voice returned to near normal was when he took his twice yearly holiday.

There was considerably sensitivity in his throat and neck area, in fact the whole shoulder, thoracic spine and head areas were acutely sensitive to even the lightest pressure and the diaphragm and solar plexus revealed a strong reaction.

However the most acutely sensitive areas were his adrenal glands.  “What on earth have my adrenal glands got to do with my throat condition?” he asked.

A very accurate picture was emerging of a sensitive conscientious hard-working dentist who was under considerable pressure, and his body was indeed in a tense condition which was why his adrenal glands revealed so much sensitivity.  His neck shoulder, and thoracic spine were reacting and this, in the main, would have been due to hours of standing over patients in a rather fixed position.

His body was reacting to stress by a loss of voice.   After explaining the situation to Simon, he tended to agree with my findings.  He attended for treatments on a twice-weekly basis, although he was reluctant at first to agree to this because of his heavy workload.  However he did agree that his health came first and that if reflexology could sort out his repeated laryngitis then he would be overjoyed.  Simon attended for two months and had eight treatments in all.  There was a remarkable change in his condition within the first three treatments and after two months his voice was nearly back to normal.

LARYNGITIS – As a good immune boost, Echinacea, 100-200mg daily for a 2-3 week period.

Balm of Gilead natural throat pastilles will help to ease the huskiness.