Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones are caused because the amount of uric acid forming in the joints, blood and other places becomes excessive. Uric acid is made from DNA and RNA, the constituents of the nuclei of the cells, and these are broken down in the liver and passed to the blood for excretion. The amount which the kidney can excrete is limited and if this level is exceeded the pool builds up. If uric acid crystals are formed rapidly they may occur as stones in the kidney and can lead to renal failure, although this is very rare.

Jennifer was in her forties when she came to me with a very unusual complaint. Her telephone call enquiring whether I could help ‘foot conditions’ was a little vague and I hastened to explain that reflexology was not about treating foot conditions but by treating the feet as a contact for the human body.

Nevertheless she said she would like to see me to find out if I could iron out the mystery of why she had this sore, scaly area on just one small part of the sole of her foot, it had been there for 18 months causing her extreme irritation and discomfort both day and night.

At her first appointment with me I found that the description she had given over the phone was completely accurate. There was an area on her right foot, under the instep, about the size of the thumb nail, which was red, scaly and angry and which was the cause of her constant scratching and irritation , particularly at night when her feet became warm.

She said she spent a lot of time each night putting her feet in ice-cold water and she had applied all forms of lotions and creams to no permanent good. She had already been to a skin specialist who had diagnosed eczema, but why it should be just on that one isolated area he had no idea and prescribed hydrocortisone skin cream which kept the condition under control temporarily – but as soon as one tube was finished and a few days elapsed, back would come the skin irritation and the red scaly area.

I worked over both Jennifer’s feet applying a pad of lint to the reddened area as any direct pressure on that point would be extremely painful for her, and could find no real basic cause for her condition other than the localized sensitivity in the sore area. I was not sure whether the sensitivity in the area was just through the eczema or whether there was an underlying problem. When I took a full case history Jennifer disclosed to me that the only real health problem she had had in the last six or seven years was a kidney stone in the right kidney.

This, I was sure had a good reflection on what we were finding, as it was no coincidence that the reddened area on the foot was exactly on the kidney reflex point on that right side.

I felt that here was a very unusual reaction but it was in fact the reflex area in the feet showing its sensitivity to congestion and inflammation by expressing itself in an eczema type skin reaction.   These findings I related to the patient who felt sure that it all made good sense.

The big problem was how to work on that area of the kidney without causing a lot of pain and discomfort to the patient.   I needed to be able to apply sufficient pressure to get a good result..

However after the third treatment the patient remarked that the sensitive area was definitely smaller and it looked that way to me, so we removed the pad of lint which had been placed upon the foot during the treatment sessions and I started to work with a very gentle pressure onto that kidney spot.  She felt quite a lot of reaction as I did this, and also mentioned that over the previous few months she had frequently felt sharp stabbing pains in her body, in her kidney area, which I then knew was related to the reaction we were finding in her feet.

Over the next few weeks I continued to work extensively on the urinary system on both the right  and left feet and week by week this little reddened scaly area became smaller and smaller.

At the end of nine sessions the eczema, redness and scaling had disappeared altogether much to the patients amazement and relief, and there was no real sensitivity as pressure was applied to this point.   I suggested that we leave the situation alone and just see if the eczema reappeared in the same area.

The patient came back to me just six weeks later reporting that she had had no further pain and irritation in the foot and, most remarkable of all, she had stopped having this sharp dragging pain in her kidney.

However the problem did not return and I saw this lady in our local town just a year later As there were no other health problems we both decided that we would cease the treatment and should the condition return Jennifer would contact me immediately.

who happily approached me,.smiling saying that she was fit and well with no return of the sensitive spot in her foot or pains in her kidney area.