We probably did have so much cancer years ago, but did not have the technology to find it!!  you hear this said so many times but as far as I am concerned this is just not true.  We did not have so much, in fact had very little.  To-day cancer is the number one epidemic illness, so let consider why we probably have such an increase.   People living a very primitive existence and who live on the very basics of fresh food and have a very humble lifestyle do not have cancer.

First it is important to have a look at the medial technology of to-day :-


Far too many are used , dental x-rays, scans, (MRI, CT and ULTRASOUND, all these scans are invading the body with radiation and radiation causes cancer.

Mammograms – We subject our breasts to being clamped between two metal plates.  The breast is the most sensitive area and I feel that should there be a small tumour in the breast which nature would have dealt with in the normal way by destroying it through the immune system, this clamping could well shatter the tumour and cause it to spread.

Scanning the foetus in the uterus again must give rise to changes, a foetus being not much larger than a tadpole is subjected to radiation, could this exposure be the cause of some many childhood cancers, brain tumours, spinal tumours, autism and behavioural problems which are definitely on the increase, I rather think so.


Children when I was growing up were exposed to the childhood illnesses, measles, german measles, chicken pox, mumps. We usually had them before school age, and although they were irritating and sometimes we were unwell for a few days, I am not aware of any children dying from these conditions, or being left disabled in some way.  No doubt there were some who were ‘damaged’ in some way, maybe with sight problems, or hearing loss, but remember there are many damaged children suffering from the effects of vaccinations.  Childhood illnesses were there to ‘train the immune system how to work’ to produce an illness and then to lay down a blue print against the illness occurring again.

If the immune system never gets the opportunity to work then I am sure that when a cancer cell comes along, the immune system does not know what to do, because it has never been subjected to illness and recovery.  The more immunisations we produce the higher the statistic of childhood cancer arises.  Babies are now going to have an immunisation at 6 weeks against meningitis.


Once used as life savers in the fight against pneumonia, and they certainly did save lives.  To-day we use them too freely.

Anti-biotics mean anti-life.   They destroy the delicate balance of ‘the flora’ in the intestines which are of utmost importance in aiding our immunity.


We are using so many different types of chemical sprays, from spray polishes, strong disinfectants, carpet sprays, which are lethal for those sufferers of allergic conditions.   Just read the list of chemicals on the bottles of fabric softeners, and washing powders.  Then we have all the chemicals used in our soil, sprays to keep fruit from being bombarded by insects, all these additives get into our systems and put a big stress on our bodies in order to try to eliminate these ‘foreign substances’


Young and old, we are consuming large amounts of alcohol and alcohol in excess is carcinogenic, plus fizzy drinks which are full of sugar and artificial sweeteners and colourings.


Few people have a nutritious diet. junk foods, take-aways. beef burgers, fried foods, chips with everything, ready meals which just go into the microwave, there is very little nutrition in this type of food, but we can be sure that this type of diet will certainly make you fat and obesity increases the risk of cancers of all types.

SMOKING – Not only does smoking increase the risk of lung, throat, mouth and lung cancer, but it increases the risk of cancers in all parts of the body, and it is not just the smoker who suffers, it is those who live with them who are also subjected to this poison.

So if we add up all these threats to the health of our bodies we can maybe see why cancer is man made and not god made.

If only more money could be spent on educating the public on the causes and preventions rather than spending huge amounts of money on looking for the next new miracle drugs which will cure the disease.   As far as I am concerned this will never come.