It may be hard for you to understand but diseases begin by an inflammatory state building up in the body.  Any illness with an ‘itis’ at the end of the condition simply means ‘inflammation of’ – so we have quite an array – arthritis, sinusitis, nephritis, appendicitis,all the inflammatory bowel diseases, inflammatory conditions of the back whether they be of a muscular or nerve related, all begin with an inflammatory state.

Most of us will seek the advice of our doctor who will prescribe pain relieving medications including anti-inflammatory tablets and these will certainly ease the condition.  However when we suffer from conditions relating to our organs, our stomachs, intestines, lungs, liver and all the aches and pains of arthritis and rheumatism, the first port of call should be an inflammation reducing diet.

Inflammation will settle in the part of our body that is our ‘weak spot’.  May be you are a sufferer of sinusitis, or irritable bowel syndrome, or chest problems, including conditions relating to your arteries.  Inflammatory states in the arteries cause them to become swollen and narrowed, which reduces the flow of blood to the body.   Perhaps your arthritis has ‘flared up’,  These conditions are your genetic weakness, but remember that “your genes load the pistol’  but your lifestyle fires the bullets’.   We do not have to succumb to disease just because there is a family weakness to one disease or the other.

Do you realise that we all consume a large amount of wheat in our diets to-day, and apart from the obvious offenders, bread, cakes, biscuits, wraps, pasta,and breakfast cereals, if you look at the contents of most packaged and tinned foods, wheat will be included, so our bodies are soaked in wheat and wheat creates an inflammatory response.  If we go  back to our origins, wheat was not a part of the diet.  Meat, fowl, fish, vegetation, fruits, nuts and berries were the staple diet and our bodies were very happy and energised on that basic diet.

Apart from wheat being an offender, milk products too play an important part and we all consume an excess of milk based products , which cause excesses of mucous to develop in our sinuses and lungs, if we are of the disposition where these foods are an irritant.   Sugar too is consumed in excess to-day and sugar plays a destructive part in lowering our immunity, and should be avoided like the plague in those suffering from cancer.

Instead of going to the doctors for medication when any of the ‘inflammatory states occur’ just try and cut out all wheat based products say for a month , reduce all milk based products to an absolute minimum and see if you can cut down on your sugar consumption, if you can remove all confectionery from your diet while you are unwell, that will have a great effect on your body healing itself  .

We all know that whatever medication we take, there are always ‘side effects’ to be encountered and medications place a stress on various other functions of the body, apart from often making us feel very unwell.

We should all try to help our body heal itself by using natural means, after our body belongs to us and it is our responsibilty to make an effort to keep ourselves well, just think what a reduction there would be in the demands on the National Health Service if we all tried these natural methods for just a month, most people would be amazed at the improvement in their health.

The Health Service would then be busily involved in all the road traffic accidents, whereby they really often do perform near miracles in piecing the body back together , deformities in children, surgery to help sight and hearing, and so on and our waiting lists would drop both when we need to visit our GP or seek an appointment with a consultant.