Why Are Bladder Irritations Such A Problem?

One reason is that the prescribing of antibiotics for things as simple as a common cold.  Antibiotics depress the immune system, even though the intent is to fight infection – which they do quite well.  Antibiotics cause a rebound effect that particularly affects women – as far as recurrent infections are concerned.

In other words, one irritation such as a chest infection is treated.   The patient returns to the doctor a short time later with complaints of a bladder or yeast infection.   These two problems frequently occur as a result of taking antibiotics.  If I ask a group of women ( who have taken antibiotic therapy) about the side effects caused by these medications they may mention bowel irritations, but the vast majority will tell me of returning to the doctor for bladder or yeast infection treatment.

I think everyone needs to be aware that antibiotics alter the immune system and that appropriate action is needed to counterbalance this tendency.  It is a big help to take massive quantities of acidophilus capsules, or yogurt to replace the good bacteria in the colon.   Remember that these nutrients must be separated from the ant biotic dosages by at least four to six hours.  This keeps the ‘good’ bacteria present which will then check viruses and yeast infections.   That’s the key!

What Else Can Be Done To Prevent These Conditions?

Use liberal quantities of acidifying juices to keep the urinary tract as acid as possible.  In my opinion a preventative douche using apple-cider vinegar during the course of antibiotic therapy would be logical.   Fortunately most doctors use only short-term therapy when it comes to antibiotics but the immune system is being altered because of the repeated, excessive prescribing of these drugs.   Much stronger potencies dosages and formulas must be used now to get the same effect that a much smaller amount did in the past.

If you must go on ‘antibiotic therapy’ for a particular reason take the precaution of saturating your body with material containing ‘friendly’ bacteria.   Besides acidophilus and yogurt mentioned above, buttermilk is also excellent.  While you are on this medication report any changes that take place in your body to the doctor immediately – so that if you suffer negative side-effects a different formula can be substituted.  Chronic cystitis sometimes induced by antibiotics can be a serious problem.

What Causes Cystitis Besides The Overuse Of Antibiotics?

The second most common cause is the use of birth control pills.  We know, from having numerous patients who are on the pill that they have a decreased resistance to many viral infections.  They lose their immunity easily.   Perhaps this is because the pill does some damage to the vitamin C stores of the body which in turn lowers the immune system.

B-complex deficiences can also occur which allows the body to let down its defences against infections.  Repeated bladder and kidney infections are expected side-effects for females on the birth control pill.  One postulation is that the pill’s hormones cause the tubes connecting the kidney and the bladder ureters to dilate which provides passageway for these infections.   Most women find that when they go off the pill, their chronic vaginal and bladder infections cease.   Visualise how many millions of women are on this medication and you can see why one of the most troublesome annoyances for so many women is cystitis.

What Can Birth Control Users Do To Improve The Situation?

Women must understand that there is an antagonistic effect of the pill on vitamin C.   Therefore one to three thousand milligrams of vitamin C per day is recommended to build up the immune system and counter the anti-viral action of the birth control pill.

The entire vitamin B  complex should be prescribed with the emphasis on Folic Acid and vitamin B.   Zinc and Vitamin A should also be added to the supplements taken by women on the pill.   Zinc is vitally important using a dosage of up to 50 milligrams.   It is necessary for building the immune system and mobilizing Vitamin A from the liver so that vitamin A can be properly utilised by the body.  This nutrient’s serum levels rise with the use of the pill but must have zinc with it to work correctly as an anti-infection agent against viruses.   Since there is an open pathway from the kidney to the bladder making it easy for bacteria to enter, it is extremely difficult to keep these infections under control.

Are Exercises Any Help For These Infections?

Tension exercises, leg lifts, sits ups or any other type that offers muscular support to the bladder-vaginal area is important.  A number of women on the pill report dribbling as a side effect.  Placing a soft ball or sponge between the knees and doing isometric strengthening exercises can help the entire pelvic area.  This constricts the area and minimizes risk of dribbling.

Are There Other Ways That Women Can Help Themselves?

Lets discuss underclothes.  Why did’nt women have this problem fifty or seventy-five years ago?  The principle reason is that they wore cotton and wool which are totally different from most of today’s fabrics.   We live in an age of synthetics such as polyesters and nylons.  These materials don’t breathe especially when worn with skin-tight pants. We have taken an area that needs to breathe and cloistered it in a cast-iron suit of synthetic fabric!  This is another reason why there is an epidemic of bladder and vaginal irritations.   Air is necessary to keep these bacteria in check.   Lack of air creates a fertile ground for oxygen-resisting bacteria to grow.   Oxygen acts as a therapeutic agent.

Asking girls to stop wearing tight denims is not the answer, but at least they can choose designer pants made from 100% cotton.  This applies to males too – as they also wear tight pants and develop numerous types of itches and rashes.   For women it is particularly significant that panty-hose have cotton inserts, even more important is the use of only cotton panties.

Wearing skirts and dresses can help to allow proper ventilation too.  Individuals who have chronic problems are not on antibiotics and don’t take the pill should strongly consider changing their mode of dress, and watch what happens.  Sometimes improvement is remarkable.

We Have Heard That Coloured Paper Products Cause Bladder Irritations , Is This True?

Most people prefer to ignore this subject but if you have a choice choose plain, white paper facial tissue and toilet paper – unperfumed.   There have been hundreds of reports concerning the use of coloured dyed, perfumed toilet paper  as being responsible for vaginal and bladder irritations.   Maybe it is an allergy, but it sets up a reaction which sends many women to their doctor with a chronic condition which doctors seldom bring under permanent control until they tell the patient to stop using coloured perfumed tissue.

This presents another point that of sprays, perfumed internal cleansers etc.  How do you feel about these various types of chemicals?

In conjunction with personal cleanliness I think Mother Nature is quite capable when it comes to this area of the body.  My only exception is Grandma’s favourite apple cider vinegar douche, I will never speak against that remedy as too many patients extol its virtues!

Does Childbirth Have Anything To Do With These Conditions?

Scores of women have weak pelvic muscles as a result of childbirth.   In time past women had to work extremely hard to survive so they usually stayed in better shape.  I have noticed that women with chronic pelvic problems and tilted uteruses have weakened prolapsed muscles.  Once they have achieved good physical tone in that area, the recurrent bladder/vaginal ailments seem to disappear.   Exercise programmes and the sessions in Health Spas are helping more and more women maintain healthy muscle tone.

What About The Yeast Which Causes Vaginal Bladder Irritations?

This is a fungus, Candida albicans, this is nasty and difficult to control.  Candida has been around for eons and we can find it on the skin and mucous membranes, particularly the mucous surfaces of the gastrointestinal and genitourinary tracts.  Candida contains no chlorophyll and is a scavenger, which means it cannot make its own food.

Since the advent and frequent prolonged use of antibiotics, birth control pills and the use of cortisone-type steroids along with a high carbohydrate intake of junk foods, Candida has multiplied and flourished in humans.

Candida albicans toxins circulate through the bloodstream to all parts of the body and can produce the following symptoms, diahorrea, constipation, bloating, gastritis. Headaches, depression, gas, colitis, acne, hyperactivity, lethargy, cramping, yeast vaginitis, menstrual irregularities, cystitis, kidney and bladder infections, hives, allergy symptoms, earaches, food allergies, fatigue, numbness, cold hands and feet, joint pains loss of libido and chemical sensitivities.

The fungus appears to multiply easier in humans who have poor eating habits and diets, those who are taking drugs (especially hormone-altering drugs such as the birth control pill and steroid-type chemicals) those who have depressed the immune system through stress, and those individuals who have not replaced the beneficial intestinal flora after taking antibiotics.   Take extra amounts of vitamin C, Zinc and Vitamin A along with a potent multiple vitamin for over-all support.

If you have this fungus in your body, avoid all yeast products, raw mushrooms, chocolate, aged cheeses, nuts and nut butters, sweets, alcohol, ham, pickled foods, vinegar, soy sauce and sweet fruits.   Reduce your intake of all grains containing gluten (wheat, oats, rye and barley).  Corn and rice can be eaten as they do not contain gluten.

You can eat most vegetables, all fresh meats, fish, poultry, butter, oil and lemon juice.  When you have candida, strong action has to be taken.  If the above strict diet is observed you can usually see good results in several weeks.  Don’t give up!  Most people can start easing up on this diet and including more grain and fruit after a few months.  You don’t have to give up your favourite foods forever!