Chest Pains

John was a regular client of mine who had attended on occasions for six or more treatments to help his sinus condition which he had suffered since childhood. When his sinuses became too inflamed he would lost all sense of taste and smell. However reflexology always sorted out the problem and he would regain his taste and smell and go on his way again, often for a year or even more before the symptoms returned.

John was 57 and a London taxi driver of slim build, a non smoker and only a social drinker with no family history of heart trouble. I was therefore concerned when he telephoned me to say that he had awoken in the night with severe pain in the centre of his chest. The pain had eventually worsened and proceeded down his left arm.

Unfortunately he was alone in the house on this occasion as his wife and daughter were away visiting relatives. He was worried that he might be having a heart attack and so telephoned the emergency service who got him into Hospital.

The pain did not subside and so he was treated in Hospital with drugs to control this and had all manner of investigations for his heart; an ECG, blood tests, blood pressure checks X-rays etc., and to his amazement nothing abnormal could be found.

He was extremely worried that if a heart condition were discovered he would not be able to get insurance to continue his work as a taxi driver. He telephoned me to make an appointment just to see if I could find any reason for this dull aching in his chest.

I worked on his feet, concentrating in particular on his heart/lung reflexes but could find no sensitivity at all. However he did have acute sensitivity in the thoracic spine and neck.

The following week I had another call as the same situation had occurred, severe pains in his chest and left arm – admission to Hospital and again nothing abnormal could be found in his heart function. It was suggested that he be booked for an angiogram to make sure that none of his arteries were blocked, but as the waiting list was several months away this did little to help John’s general anxiety.

He returned for treatment and I suggested that we have a look at another cause for these disturbing symptoms which I too, felt quite sure were not to do with his heart but as I could only find extreme sensitivity in his thoracic spine and neck, it was very possible that wear and tear in these regions were causing compression to the nerve pathways which served the ribs, chest etc.. He came regularly for the following six weeks and I concentrated the treatment on extensive work on the reflexes to the thoracic spine and neck. He lost the ‘constant dull ache’ and had no more acute attacks.

Just to reassure John as to the cause of his symptoms I suggested that he ask his GP if he could have a thoracic/spine and neck X-Ray. Considering his job as a taxi driver and the amount of time spent at the wheel in stressful circumstances, plus constantly turning his neck, I was very sure that there must be some arthritic wear and tear.

This was carried out a few weeks later and confirmed that he did indeed have some quite severe arthritic wear and tear in his neck, particular the seventh cervical and also a little in the thoracic spine which could cause the symptoms which he suffered .

John now comes fortnightly for a regular reflexology session and has been doing so for the last three months and is very satisfied with the results as he is symptom free.

Always remember that ‘Structure Governs Function’.