THE BODY REALLY ENJOYS GOOD HEALTH. – It has a lifelong commitment to you to serve you and keep you free of disease, provided you respect the laws of nature.  Unfortunately few of us do, we run like scurried rabbits to the doctors for an instant cure for our aches, pains and infections, but rarely seek to help heal our own body.  It is to Nature that a sick man can look for cure.  When he enlists the help of his doctor, all that his doctor can do is to serve ‘as an assistant to Nature’.

Our work in the field of complementary medicine, be it reflexology, acupuncture, massage or so on, lies in discovering Nature’s way and lending a supporting hand where we can to stimulate the healing force of the body which in turn will enable true healing to take place.

Few scientists of the twentieth century came to understand the secrets of natural health more than Dr. Alexis Carrel (1873-1944) Nobel prize winner (1912) and author of Man, The Unknown (1935).  He was one of the first bio-ecologists of this century to point Nature’s way.

Modern medical science is founded on the germ theory of disease.  Since Louis Pasteur (1822-95) and Paul Ehrlich (1854-1915) and their microscopes brought to light the apparent evil activity of germs, it has been assumed that they are the direct, primary cause of most diseases, and so the theory developed that we must kill germs in order to cure the disease..  The bio-ecologists think differently.  They say these germs cannot be the cause of disease because they are found in any healthy bloodstream, there must be another cause.  They bring forward some convincing arguments to claim uneliminated wastes provide the soil on which micro-organisms flourish.

They will tell you that bacteria are a secondary aspect of disease, and that parasites breed and thrive on any rubbish dump where there are accumulations of waste materials.  There is but one cause of disease said Major General Sir Arbutnot Lane M.D. famous British abdominal surgeon – poison, toxaemia, most of which is created in the body by faulty living faults habits and poor elimination.

E. Hooker Dewey M.D. a will known American consulting physician, tried to put back the horse before the cart when he said that @disease has its origin and development before a germ disturbance in the body can become possible.

‘If I could live my life over again wrote Dr. Rudolph Virchow (1821-1902) bacteriologist of international fame, I would devote it to proving that germs seek their natural habitat- diseased tissue or a poisonous bloodstream-rather than being the cause of diseased tissue or impure blood e.g. mosquitoes seek the stagnant water but do not cause the pool to become stagnant.  Germs are the scavengers.